Culpeper County boasts a rich legacy of enduring industries, with a strong emphasis on manufacturing. Rooted in the community spirit is a hands-on approach to work.

One of the distinct advantages for manufacturers in Culpeper County is the connectivity provided by major routes such as US 15, US 29, US 522, and VA 3, offering a link throughout the East Coast.

Culpeper County businesses also enjoy our unique tax incentive where companies can recoup 100% of taxes paid over three years on large machinery and tools investments. We offer additional real property incentives to be used for workforce development. Additionally, Culpeper County proudly is the grantee for Foreign-Trade Zone 185, further enhancing opportunities for businesses engaged in international trade.

At the forefront of fostering skilled professionals, the Culpeper Technical Education Center stands to prepare students for the workforce. We stand ready to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a workforce well-equipped for the challenges of the modern industrial landscape.


Companies in Culpeper County

Ardent Mills
Hardwood Artisans
Bingham and Taylor
Cabinetworks Group
Rochester Cable
Euro Composites
Toll Integrated Systems

Culpeper Advantages

Workforce Development

We are eager to see more high school graduates enter the workforce right here in Culpeper County. That’s why we invested $17 million to build the Culpeper Technical Education Center. The state-of-the-art facility teaches trades such as automotive, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, CAD and more.

Post secondary education includes Germanna Community College, with a campus in Culpeper County. GCC provides training, certificates and two-year degree options.

Culpeper County also hosts a welding school operated by GCC and a CNC machining training program called New Pathways Tech. New Pathways machining skills credential program and CNC milling operator apprenticeship program is designed to train students to earn credentials from National Institute of Metalworking Skills.