Indoor Agriculture

Indoor Agriculture (CEA)

Choose Culpeper, the largest concentration of indoor agriculture in Virgina. A combination of innovators, location and natural components have made Culpeper an ideal location for controlled environment agriculture.

Indoor agriculture is agriculture. Growing product is a by-right permitted industry in every zoning district in the county. This has allowed businesses to pick locations that make strategic sense for each operation. Greenhouses are located in the industrial park by the airport, near the historic district of Stevensburg, or along a US highway. Each has found success and we are starting to see next-gen growers moving completely under roof with automated operations.

Indoor Agriculture

Companies in Culpeper County

Bell Nursery
Gotham Greens
Color Orchids
Soli Organic
Commonwealth Growers

Culpeper Advantages

Natural Quality

Unveiling the secret to unparalleled growth – the cornerstone is water, but not just any water; it’s the composition that sets us apart. We hold the key to botanical prosperity in our hands. What makes our water extraordinary? It’s a secret our growers share with us, recognizing its effects without fully comprehending why. Witness the magic as plants, challenged elsewhere, flourish in Culpeper County. Come, be a part of the success story – test it, try it, and watch your plants thrive.

Workforce Development

Welcome to a thriving community that is eagerly anticipating the integration of more high school graduates into our local workforce. Our region boasts two high schools with renowned Future Farmers of America programs, showcasing our commitment to excellence in agricultural education. Additionally, Germanna Community College stands as a reliable partner, prepared to offer advanced workforce training that goes beyond the scope of high school education.

For companies seeking skilled and well-prepared trade-oriented individuals, the Culpeper Career and Technical Center serves as a valuable resource. Our center is dedicated to preparing graduates for success in various trades, including plumbing, electrical work, HVAC-R, and carpentry. With our comprehensive programs, we are confident that our students can seamlessly transition from graduation on Saturday to being work-ready on Monday.

Join us in fostering a dynamic and skilled workforce – a community where education meets the demands of the evolving job market, ensuring a pipeline of talented individuals ready to contribute to your company’s success.