Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

Choose Culpeper, the prime destination for data center companies, is strategically located in the midst of the world’s largest conglomeration of industry leaders. Culpeper County boasts an exceptional array of advantages that set it apart from the rest. With its legacy federal buildings and the Capital Region’s network access point, Culpeper offers an unparalleled level of fiber connections, ensuring utmost reliability and efficiency for businesses seeking an unrivaled data center experience. Join the thriving community of data pioneers in Culpeper and unlock limitless potential for growth and success.

Choose Culpeper, where progress and planning unite. See how the Board of Supervisors took an innovative stride towards a brighter future with comprehensive planning efforts, which encompass enticing incentive programs. These programs are thoughtfully designed to foster the development of data centers, targeting specific designated locations. Embrace the possibilities that await in Culpeper as we proactively pave the way for data center growth, ensuring a prosperous tomorrow for our beloved community.

Companies in Culpeper

Data Center Companies

Equinix<br />
Peterson Companies
Copper Ridge<br />

Industry Suppliers

BTR Fiber
United Electric Supply

Culpeper Advantages

Technology Zone Incentives

Culpeper County Board of Supervisors have granted multiple by-right incentives for data centers locating in the Culpeper Technology Zone.

Qualified technology zone companies are eligible for up to 40% of taxes paid over a five year period when making a new $10 million taxable investment and hiring 10 employees in a calendar year. Employees must earn above the prevailing average wage.

Also, qualified technology zone companies are eligible for an increased height limit of 75 feet.


Workforce Development

Because of our location in the midst of the world’s largest concentration of data centers, Culpeper County is a natural home for countless data center professionals. These skilled individuals cherish the exceptional quality of life Culpeper offers, yet often find themselves commuting to neighboring counties for work. However, they are eager to contribute to the community they call home, and now they have the opportunity to do so.

Culpeper understands the importance of a well-maintained facility and ensures that highly trained professionals are available to keep it running smoothly. With skilled electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians, Culpeper guarantees the expertise needed for efficient operations. Additionally, our Culpeper Technical Education Center offers comprehensive programs to cultivate the next generation of tradesmen and women, making sure the industry continues to thrive. Choose Culpeper for reliable and exceptional facility management solutions.