Key Industries

Key Industries

Every day, over 9,000 individuals from more than 20 counties choose to commute to Culpeper County for work. Wondering what draws them here? It’s the vibrant tapestry of outstanding companies that call our county home.

These enterprises contribute to the essentials of life, producing food and shelter, while also playing a pivotal role in shaping our infrastructure. From creating products for leisure, facilitating communication, to driving exploration, these companies are integral to our daily lives. They not only assist employees in gearing up for their work but also aid in effectively marketing their products and services. In the intricate web of commerce, they seamlessly transport food, information, and money.

What sets Culpeper apart is the enduring commitment of these businesses. Once they establish roots in our community, they tend to stay for the long haul. It’s a source of pride that these companies not only survive but thrive alongside the community. Remarkably, many of Culpeper County’s enterprises have stood the test of time, with some boasting a history of over a century in our region.

Learn more about a few key industries below.



Culpeper County is in the neighborhood of the largest concentration of data centers in the world. Diverse fiber selection, existing data center professionals and unmatched trades personnel training are reasons why this industry is growing in Culpeper.

Light and Advanced Manufacturing

Culpeper County has a history of working with its hands. With programs available at the technical education center and community college, we are ready for a 21st century hands-on industry to grow in the Culpeper market.

Suppliers and
Supply Chain

Culpeper County looks to compliment current industries to strengthen and shorten supply chain. With businesses working in collaboration or serving customers within the region, companies will encounter less disruption and extend certainty.

Leafy greens

Agriculture (CEA)

Agriculture has been a pillar in Culpeper County’s economy throughout its history, and currently leads the state with the largest concentration of indoor ag throughout Virginia. We look to extend this lead with advancing technology.

Be A
Culpeper Local

Be A Culpeper Local is the department’s small business outreach program, offering support for small businesses. The program also raises awareness on the community benefits of shopping locally.

Culpeper Farms

Choose Culpeper Farms highlights farms, their products, and services to the community and connects residents to agriculture organizations. The program also offers support to our ag operations.