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Culpeper Business Appreciation Reception

May 15, 2024

Culpeper Business Appreciation Reception

Culpeper, VA – Culpeper County’s Department of Economic Development hosted the inaugural Culpeper Business Appreciation Reception on Monday, May 13th at the Mulberry at Old Trade Brewery. The event, which aimed to express gratitude to local business owners for their contributions to the community, witnessed an overwhelming response with more than 30 esteemed guests in attendance.

Bryan Rothamel, Director of Economic Development for Culpeper County, expressed his heartfelt appreciation, saying, “We love working with and supporting our businesses all year long. We are thankful for the business community and the business owners who make Culpeper what we love. The Culpeper Business Appreciation Reception was our chance to say thank you and offer another opportunity to network.”

Culpeper Business Appreciation Reception announcementThe reception not only provided a platform for business owners to connect with each other but also unveiled an exciting new initiative as part of the department’s Be A Culpeper Local program. The Be A Culpeper Local program, which aims to empower Culpeper business owners with valuable resources and knowledge will begin offering a new monthly “Lunch and Learn” series. This new event series will debut in July and will be free for all Culpeper business owners. The programming for these sessions will be provided by the Central Virginia Small Business Development Center.

“These monthly class offerings will allow us an opportunity to bring in outside knowledge and experts to help propel Culpeper business owners further,” added Bryan Rothamel.

Winona Pritts, Business Development Coordinator for Culpeper County, shared her enthusiasm about the event and the new program, stating, “We’re excited to continue adding new programs and resources to better assist and support the incredible businesses that call Culpeper County their home.”

The success of the Culpeper Business Appreciation Reception highlights the dedication of ongoing efforts by the Culpeper County Department of Economic Development. This newest initiative builds on the momentum of several new programs introduced by Be A Culpeper Local and the department over the last three years, furthering their commitment to nurturing a vibrant business environment in Culpeper County.

For more information about the Be A Culpeper Local program, their upcoming events, and resources they provide for Culpeper businesses please visit

Bryan Rothamel and Winona Pritts

Bryan Rothamel and Winona Pritts of
Culpeper County Economic Development